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July 13, 2017
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July 13, 2017

Important Home-Buying Steps You Don’t See on TV

There’s more to buying a home than what you watch in a half-hour episode. Find out all the stages that happen behind the scenes so you’re prepared for your house-buying journey.
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Don’t Start With House Tours
House hunting isn’t the first step toward home buying. In fact, the buyers you see on TV did a lot of work before they went to look at listings. You’ll want to gather together your financial information, from your bank statements and tax returns to confirming your credit score is accurate. Pre-qualify with a lender so you know in what price range you should be looking.
House Hunting Takes Time
You don’t just look at three houses and find your dream home. (Or if you do, you’re one of the lucky ones!) Looking for a house definitely takes longer than a half hour. Working with a trusted real estate agent will help speed up the process. Once you’ve discussed your housing must-haves with your real estate agent, he or she will have valuable information on how to find the right neighborhood and home for you.

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